Adventures in the Akashics Part 2

akashics part 1I have had numerous visits to the Akashics since the first one I wrote of. I have so far used them to check my path, understand what I am supposed to be doing at this time and try and understand why. I have been given a lot of energy by different Masters and teachers and have felt changes occurring in the way I am looking at life and reacting to it.

For everyone, working in the Akasha is different. I suppose each and every brain makes sense of the data it is receiving slight differently. Although anyone can access their own Akashic records I am beginning to see how, working intuitively with people for readings and healing, has helped my own brain to understand something that is such a high vibration of energy. I have been using that muscle and educating my brain on just this type of data for as long as I can remember and I do think this helps the flow and the clarity of what is received.

I always begin any reading by finding myself in my own library. I described it in the first adventures blog that you can find here

I have done two readings for other people and each time I have been ‘handed’ a book with their name on it. The reading begins when I turn the page. Sometimes I get images, sometimes I get words. At times I hear voices of Masters or teachers.

The last reading I did was for my sister and she wanted to know about some health problems she has. The reading showed her a past life that is related to these problems, and then brought up an emotional problem she has that is also related to her health, not what she was expecting. It was a good reading, and included my Mum coming in to tell her in no uncertain terms to get on with things!!

What is great about healing within the Akashics is that, we all feel better when we understand the why behind something. The why is so important. Once the why is discovered you have made a start on finding out what course of action to take. Knowledge gives us power, and power gives us confidence to take action, along with understanding of what that action will accomplish. There is also a certain amount of energy realignment that happens when you know the why. Until this happens the healing journey cannot begin.

My sister was also told a few things that she could do to help herself. I did her reading remotely, so she didn’t ask more questions at the time, but the next time we dip into her records I think, asking how else she can start to heal herself, is going to be helpful!

Her masters also shared two stones with us that are important for her. This was great for me as I keep being told that gemstones and crystals are a big part of my healing work. I will be making her a bracelet from the stones!

So I will keep questing onwards, keep searching my own records and those of others who ask. In a few weeks, when I have practiced more and tried some different methods I will offer readings of this nature to others as a first step on their own healing journey.

As you know by now, my mission in this life time is to help others uncover the light of their own soul. By giving you knowledge of who you are on a soul level you are making a tremendous step forward in doing this! It really does change things inside for you, bringing you into alignment with your soul and what it came here to accomplish. This alignment is also the way to true happiness and contentment and the ultimate friendship, that of yourself.


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  1. This is so interesting and I am sure is also very helpful in the healing journey. I would love to get a reading done, when you are ready. Thank you very much for all your wonderful posts. I enjoy reading them 🙂

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