Adventures in the Akashics Part 1

I feel I have probably been delving into the Akashic Records for a long time, while doing readings for people, when gaining clear insight in my own life, and recently with my new Intuitive Guided Meditations. I have also felt a push to learn more about the records and how to read them in a more formal, i.e. what I call proper way!

So I began by having a reading for myself from a wonderful girl who has a site called She did me a wonderful reading that resonated massively with how I had been feeling and gave me clear direction on how to progress forward, which included going back to my beloved writing and creating this blog! There was also a resounding yes from my guides regarding doing Akashic record readings and so I found a great book called ‘How to Read the Akashic Records’, by Linda Howe.

This is a fantastic, easy to read book with a step by step process and a great read if you are also interested in learning how to read the Akashics for yourself or for others.akashics part 1

As usual I am finding that I am reading and attempting something that isn’t new to me. I am remembering something I am very capable of doing and have done many times before and so the process is very quick and easy for me.

As I am also an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, I have been finding it fascinating that the Akashics are the same basic concept as our energy bodies. They are the Earth’s energy body if you like, and every single tiny thing that happens on Earth, to everyone and everything, is recorded there. Our energy body is the same, and when you learn to read the energy of a person it is usually quite a simple thing to show them how to heal themselves, even if the problem is linked to a past life.

The first thing is to draw attention to ‘where’ in the energy body a problem is causing a blockage. I am hoping to do exactly the same thing with Akashic readings but on a far bigger scale! It should be interesting to see if the healing methods I currently use can be basically the same at that level, allowing for simplicity and ease for the person involved.

My first attempt to access the Records, following the instructions in Linda Howe’s book was extremely interesting! It was supposed to last around 5 to 10 minutes but when I came back out I realised it had been around 25 minutes! I won’t go into all the details as some things are not for sharing as yet, but I did have a very interesting discovery.

I was shown a desert and was told it is now part of Syria. All around me there were manuscripts, thousands of them. The guide who came to me told me that I had written some of these in my life. The rest were what others had written about my work and my teachings after I had died, and for centuries after. My work had travelled around the world and across time, and yet while I was alive no one had believed it. This had left me feeling very insecure about my own truth and very low on self-worth. He told me that this was where this problem, that persists in this lifetime originated. I am better than I used to be when I was younger, but I still struggle to fully stand in my power, no matter how many times I am told by Spirit that I must do so.

The weirdest thing about this was that I felt like the part of me that was alive then registered complete shock. I definitely, myself, felt awestruck to think that so many had written about my work, yet behind that there was just complete shock. I was then given energy by this guide and another, and I know that the information they gave me will gradually filter through me and help. I must ask next time who I was! The shock was that intense I didn’t think to do that!

Many other things happened, the greatest of which was being shown my own soul. She was so beautiful that I filled up, literally with love, and it made me cry.

All in all the whole 25 minutes were powerful and also life changing. There has been a shift in me, more towards the power inside me, more towards the Spiritual Authority and Responsibility that comes with that power. It is very exciting and exhilarating and I can’t wait to offer others the same experience.



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    1. It is a great book to get you started and help you feel confident Ryan. But don’t stop there. Use it as a springboard into more of yourself and trust what is right for you when working in the Akash.

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