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Revealing What Is Hidden

We are all multifaceted beings, but often we are pressured into choosing just one of our talents to create a career out of. All those other things we love doing become hobbies that we have to squeeze in here and there, as and when. Of course families, partners, careers all eat up so much of our time that those hobbies often get forgotten about, pushed into the background, never embraced.


By pushing what you love doing into some dark corner, your diamond cannot shine. You feel incomplete. You ARE incomplete because all of those other aspects of you are not being allowed to shine too.

Of course there is no time for you. I know. I am a parent, partner, career worker, life juggler too. But let me tell you something that I have learnt. People who allow themselves time to do the things that make them happy feel:





They don’t need someone else to make them feel this way. They can do it all by themselves. This allows any relationship they have to be unconditional in nature. These people can enjoy other people for who they are!

I learnt the hard way that I HAVE to be all of me. I am multifaceted and that is as it should be. Below you can find out about each of my facets. Through each one runs an undercurrent of connection, which is ENERGY. And so I call myself an ENERGIST to incorporate all of who I am and what I understand about the world we live in.

The Healer

The Oracle

The Teacher

The Artist

The Writer



Kirsten Ivatts by Silvia

A Bit More About Me!

I am a mother of four children, some of which have managed to make it to adulthood! I am lucky enough to live with my twin soul in the Derbyshire Dales, UK.

I am registered as a  GOE Trainer, Master Energy EFT Practitioner and an EmoTrance Practitioner in the UK with The Guild Of Energists

My main joy in life comes from creativity and nature. I write blogs, stories and poems. I paint, draw and make. I design garden spaces, grow my own veggies, do all I can to help wildlife flourish, and enjoy walking in hills and by rivers.

I am on my own inner journey. It never ends. I am an adventurer into the mysteries, an edge dweller, and I understand life in a way that many do not.

My life purpose is to guide you on your own inner journey. When you cry out for help….I hear.

I understand.

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