A real Powerhouse Bracelet!

I make jewellery, as well as being a Seer and a healer. Today is my birthday and I decided to make something for me, that would also benefit others. I have had some little Iolite beads for awhile and they have been nagging at me to make something of them. Today they spoke too loudly to ignore!!


While checking my Crystal Bible by Judy Hall for the properties of this persistent little stone I found that to work effectively as a stone of intuitive vision and an opener of the third eye, it needed for all of the Chakra’s to be in alignment. My brain had the answer (just in case those pesky chakras were jumping around today!)…..KYANITE. Luckily I have some little nuggets of Kyanite a similar size to the Iolite so the idea began to take form.

The stones looked better together than I imagined which is often the case with stones that work in conjunction, and the fact that one was polished and one wasn’t added to the structure of the design.

Half way through making it I realised it wanted to be longer than a normal bracelet, so it became a wrap around one, forming a double bracelet in effect.

Now on to the stones themselves. As I said Iolite is a stone for opening the third eye when the chakras are aligned. It helps with intuition and visualisation as well as out of body experiences. It also aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction and helps to express your true self, freed from the expectations of those around you.

It is a good stone for settling relationship disputes as it helps one to take responsibility for yourself rather than relying on your partner.

From a healing point of view Iolite helps create a strong constitution and helps relieve the effects of alcohol. It is good for a liver detox and its regeneration. It has been used to treat malaria, fever, sinus problems and respiratory system, migraines and as an aid to the pituitary.

Kyanite is a wonderful stone for instant Chakra alignment. It is a good aid in meditation and for Reiki attunement. It stimulates psychic abilities and intuition, and amplifies high frequency energies. It connects to spirit guides and grounds spiritual vibrations.

This stone never needs cleansing as it does not hold on to negativity.

It is another stone that will help you to speak your truth, allowing self expression. It clears blocks, confusion, illusion, anger, frustration and stress and stimulates the higher mind.

So you can see that the two stones work powerfully as individuals but together…wham! You Will feel the impact! And if you need help with opening the throat chakra and the brow chakra this combo will work very well for you.

To purchase this bracelet please visit my website  http://www.thelightofyoursoul.co.uk


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