A Message from Archangel Raphael.

At times I channel messages, usually from my guides, but I have once channelled an Angelic message. I channel through writing, which is an odd thing because, it feels like the words are spilling onto the page from somewhere, and when you re read them

raphael-the-archangel-01afterwards you realise you don’t remember most of what you have written. It is as if you step to the side and allow ‘another’ in, although there is no trance state for me, just a feeling of a different energy within.

On my Facebook page I have started having an Angel a week, where info on different Angels can be found, links to resources, card readings and also other peoples experiences. I began this week with Archangel Raphael, an Angel I work closely with in my healing.

Today I asked Archangel Raphael for a message for us all, a message of guidance regarding healing ourselves. I have never asked for a message from him before, although I suspect he has had a hand in some of my writing on healing in the past. This is what I received. I hope it helps in some way. If you would like to know about my own experiences mentioned in this piece please feel free to ask.

‘At this time the planet as a whole is going through a period of intense cleansing and healing beloved ones. This is happening on a large and a small scale. The Earth herself is going through some natural upheavals, and this is mirrored in the lives of everyone on the planet. As a whole the earth and everything on it is moving towards a new understanding of what it is to be true to one’s Soul nature, and be a loving, harmonious and healthy being of light.

This will take many years to complete, as many of you know, yet the signs are very evident in the news and in your own lives. Many of you are finding times are hard. There seems to be no way out of your difficulties, yet this is wrong. Look again at what you perceive as blocking you. And then look to your heart. You know, deep within you what you are being asked to do, yet this, for many seems to mean giving up everything. And so you stay within your hurt, where it feels safer.

When you ask for healing and the answers arrive, you dismiss them because for so many the healing that is needed means a very deep cleansing. This cleansing will take away the debris left by the third dimensional way of living and allow you to begin to move towards a fifth dimensional vibration. In the fifth dimension manifestation is a way of life, trust in intuition and the voice of your Soul is a way of life. Love for yourself and for others UNCONDITIONALLY is a way of life. But you cannot have these things without sacrificing the old third dimensional reality and all the perceptions of life that go with that reality. It really is not possible.

To heal, look to your hearts beloved ones. Follow what you KNOW to be true, no matter what risks this means to you. Kirsten has done just this very recently. She has taken a risk and started on a path of truth, the path of her soul. She has listened to her Soul and is following the directions of her guides and Angels daily in complete trust that her financial situation will not completely fail. We have told her we will provide what is needed, and she trusts this. She will tell you how hard it was to take this plunge, and she will also tell you truthfully how she is coping with this on a day to day basis.

More and more people are listening to the voice of their soul. They are finding that this route is healing on many levels. It aids the human part of you and the Soul part of you to live as one, as friends and as a supporting mechanism going forward. Through the integration of these two parts a new energy and pathway emerges that brings you more into the light, leads you on a path that is more satisfying and leads to happiness and love. It isn’t just available for a few, it is available for all. But you must be prepared to take action, follow your heart and cleanse yourself of energies, perceptions and ways of life that are no longer of benefit to your future.

Through all of this you must remember that you are not alone. You can call on the help and guidance of your angels, of myself, Raphael, or your guides and teachers. When you falter call to us. We are there always at your side. Just remember that the directions for action that you receive are provided with deepest love and for your highest good. Listen, trust, act, and receive. And then continue to listen, trust, act, receive. Make this your mantra for life.

Hold peace in your hearts beloved ones and know we are always at your side and you are always so deeply loved.’

In deepest, love and gratitude I thank the Archangel Raphael for his presence in my life and for his message, so gently sent. If you would like to join my Facebook page you can find it here:


I will gradually be adding Angel info to my website also, under the heading, An Angel a day.



2 thoughts on “A Message from Archangel Raphael.

    1. TRUST…in a word. When the messages come through from Spirit or the Angelic realm they are very simple and very clear. But because of our perception of life they appear very complicated and we tend to say…’How can I possibly do that?’ For example I was told to bring everything that I do together into one place. Simple. But I knew this would mean I had no way of bringing in income. I was told they were holding a safety net in place until my new ventures started to bring in money. My income is what buys our weekly food. Without it we literally don’t eat. So the trust was a big deal!!! At the same time what they wanted me to do felt so right. So I took the plunge, I trusted, and so far I have had the money in some shape or form, each week to buy our food. This has been a massive cleansing period for me. I have let go of so much that was old, and everything that is new is at the higher vibration and feels good. I KNOW it will all work out, and I KNOW that I am still working on that TRUST! Does that make sense? The cleansing of old negative energy is ongoing, but the more I trust the faster it is happening and the quicker the healing comes about.

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