A Logical Analogy of How We Work.

By John Hain Pixabay.com
By John Hain


These people tend not to like words like ENERGY and SPIRITUALITY. 

So I have had a go at explaining the workings of a human being, as if they were a computer! I hope it helps you to either understand yourself better, or to help another to just ‘Get it’!


You are a fantastically complicated, clever and creative, organic super computer. Although in many ways it is hard to scale down a human being to fit into the limitations of a computer, it is often a great way to get a basic understanding of how we work.

But it must always be remembered what a creative machine we are. We can literally reinvent ourselves as we go. We don’t need designers, program makers, maintenance technicians, analysts, architects making ways for systems to run together in the best configuration….we are all of those. WE are not just a majorly fantastic and complex technology, we are also the full IT team who run it.

This means, once we have a simple working knowledge of our system, it is much easier to understand where things are running well, and where things are not. And we can easily base any method of creating good mental, emotional and physical health from knowing this system. We also then find that spiritual health (which is a much misunderstood and under used part of our logical system), can be accessed and our knowledge base then grows.


The Face


The human face is our equivalent of a computer monitor. What is going on inside us, our thoughts and emotions, shows on our face more than anywhere else. Depending on how observant another person is, they can read you through your facial expressions and your eyes, the colour of the skin in different areas. Even if someone is not very aware, subconsciously we respond to the face of another person. A true smile aimed at us makes us feel great. A frown or sneer impacts us negatively. This is a very simple analogy, as in reality we read much more than this.


Skin and Bones


Our skin and bones are the computer case, albeit a very advanced model. This casing contains temperature regulators and sensors, via the skin that can tell the operating system much about the outer environment so that the OS can then adjust the running of the computer for optimal health.

The bones, muscles and tendons hold all the hardware safely in place, and can be adjusted for more room.




The organs are a complex organic hardware. They keep the computer running. Problems with hardware are generally caused by lack of good maintenance or lack of energy through the power supply. Sometimes this hardware gets a virus. It has a very basic anti virus program that attacks this virus (cells), but it is better to have a more complex anti virus system installed that can learn how to adapt and also not be fooled into attacking its own hardware and cells.




The brain is the CPU. Without it you couldn’t have a functioning set of hardware as we know from people who are on life support systems. It also links the hardware to the programs and OS.


We have many memory types but we can think of them as three specifics. We have memory that is instantly accessible that floats around us and can be plucked from thin air. We have memory that is more like ROM and RAM, pretty quick to get to but used to store things that we don’t need to hold onto at all times, and for storing programs that run the hardware.

We then have memory that isn’t used much stored on hard drives. This can be accessed if you know where you stored the file. If you have forgotten, it can be sometimes found in a search, that can take a while or need outside help to find. Then there are areas of corrupted data where the memory is really hard to find, and sometimes never is. The problem here is when a program is still running from that corrupted data. This relates to things like addictions, mental health problems and neurosis.


Stomach and Intestines


These are the power supply for the whole human computer. The energy generated through food, good health, and emotional well being runs the whole system. An interrupted power supply makes the energy sluggish, as does a poor supply of food. A well fed, constantly running system allows for a good energy flow.




The heart is a second CPU. Unlike a computer the human system has a feeling system as well as a thinking one. The heart is the central processing Unit for these feelings and emotions. When it works in tandem with the brain CPU the human develops qualities that are often seen as amazing compassion for human kind and selfless humanitarianism. People like Ghandi and Mother Theresa had these qualities.

Unfortunately modern humans tend more towards using the brain CPU than the heart, and this creates a feeling of being separate and alone. It also allows for logic and rationale to lead the way, often to the detriment of feeling and emotion. This means that half of the full working system is under used and mostly misunderstood.

Because humans cannot live without a heart the system is still running, but because it is not taking up its full capacity it throws up many ‘spanners in the works’ when it comes to health and well being as well as emotional intelligence.


Imagination (Conscious Mind)


The Imagination can be likened to the Graphical User Interface. It is where the dreams and visions can run, where ideas can be seen, and thoughts can be heard. The imagination is also a major creative centre, and is not limited as a computer GUI is. The imagination presents the brain with information from the OS and the BIOS and from the creative programs. It can show the user good and bad scenarios.


Subconscious Mind


The subconscious mind is where the programs sit, and create themselves. Programs govern our reactions to things, our belief systems, how we think we should look, feel and be in different situations. Some programs are connected to our hardware, others show through our emotions, habits and perceptions. This is a highly complex area. Sometimes old programs need turning off or deleting entirely as they no longer serve a purpose. Sometimes new programs need creating in their place to fit better where we are now in our life. Some programs can be modified and updated to work better with the current system. Other programs have become corrupted and the data in them is no longer readable. This causes major disfunctions. These programs tend to need outside help to unscramble the corrupted data, and then either restore or delete the program correctly.

Operating System

Beyond the programs is the Operating System.  This is a fantastic ever evolving super program that sits on a cloud network. It connects to the human computer instantly, and also connects and learns from The Universal Operating System which is the natural laws of physics, some of which science has discovered and some of which it hasn’t yet. We know how some of these laws operate without knowing the hows. But we trust that they do, as we feel the evidence within us.


Behind the OS is The Universal Operating System, or the BIOS. Every human being is linked into the same BIOS. We are not separate, we are all linked. By accessing this UOS, we have access to what many call spiritual or meta physical knowledge that goes far beyond the reality we experience on Earth. This ‘knowledge base’ exists as energetic data, and really, all you need do to access this data is run the right program so that the conscious mind ‘gets it’.

Some people are born with this program installed, some learn it, others never even believe that this program is possible.

When I tune into someone’s energy on the other side of the world to give them a reading, I am running a program that takes me into this UOS, where I can find their energy signature that, when followed can take me up through the levels to their everyday reality and how they respond to it. BUT I can also read the background of WHY their world is currently the way it is.


I hope you find this useful! If you would like to share it that is fine, just please reference me and my website when you do. 



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