A Little Secret About Weight Loss

A little secret about weight loss.

Yesterday, in my blog, I mentioned being down because I had put on weight, only a pound, but it felt like a disappointment, along with the other things yesterday that showed up for me.

Recently I have managed to stay happy and very upbeat. As an Energist I would say I have been living at around +8 or higher on the Sue Scale. I have found that by doing this I have chosen healthier foods NATURALLY, I have eaten less NATURALLY, and even when I have had a glass or two of wine, a few carbs, or sweets I have still lost weight. I have been quite amazed by this, and so yesterday was a panic moment….where did I go wrong, what should I do different, what did I eat that caused this….stress, stress, stress, bringing me even lower. I would say I woke up yesterday at around a +3 and slowly descended to around -1.

After recognising what was happening and doing a little self explanatory work into the characters in my story of life (see yesterdays blog post), I got back up to around +5, which was fine, but it felt very different to the place I have been living from of late.

As is usual for me I awoke in the night and instantly got an understanding of how to help my sister further, but also it came to me that the lower you feel on the happiness scale the more your energy actually WEIGHS.

From a spiritual perspective this would be called a heavier vibration, making someone more solid on the physical plane.

The happier we are the less heavy our energy is, paralleling the higher vibrational energy in spiritual terms. The faster our energy is moving or vibrating the less solid we become.

Now we all KNOW this by how we feel. When we are happy we FEEL light, when we are sad we feel HEAVY, it is hard to move around, the world sits on our shoulders. We are literally heavier.

In terms of weight loss we can count calories, exercise like mad, and it works, slowly, but agonisingly surely.

Until we stop, breathe a sigh of relief because AT LAST we reached our goal weight! And it stays off, for a while. We are happy, feeling great, looking good. But then a few pounds creep back on, the energy sinks because we have to stop eating what we want and start losing weight AGAIN. We sink lower,  energy gets heavier, we eat because we  feel bad, we judge ourself for eating, and then we eat more, our energy gets heavier….vicious circle.

When we are happy, we become more happy. It becomes a habit to see things from a higher perspective, and even on those down days (that do still creep up to show us the little chink in our armour), we can at least see the problem and do something about it. And soon we are back being happy again. We have more energy because we are not carrying as much of that heavy energy around. We go back onto auto pilot when choosing food, doing exercise, allowing our body to choose what it wants to feel good.

When we are down we become more down, because it becomes a habit to see life from this lower perspective, and we live in a fog that just cannot lift. We are not aware of what our body wants so we eat things that actually add to those feelings of sadness and stress. Our body becomes stressed, and now it is going into survival mode and actually storing fat! WOW!

And all it takes is to let go of stress, and just be happy. Then weight loss is really very, very simple and you naturally become the weight your body is meant to be, the weight that is right for you.

Now I know what you are saying….

How can I become HAPPY when I feel so bad?

From that place it is not possible to instantly be happy, you need to take steps towards that higher place. But as you do momentum begins to carry you and it becomes faster and easier.

There are many ways to feel happy and to bring yourself up the SUE scale.

  1. Every time you have a negative thought, change it. Write it down, look at it and change the wording. Then say it out loud with the new words in place. At first you might not FEEL the words, but the more you do this the more you programme your brain into a new habit.
  2. Take up something like Positive EFT, and learn how to tap your way to a happier place in life.
  3. Get help! This seems obvious but so many people suffer in silence. Break the silence and reach out to someone else.
  4. Get into the habit of giving yourself something each day, even if it is just time to do what you want to do.
  5. Write down all the things you SHOULD be doing, and then write down all the things you WANT to do. Throw away the SHOULD list.
  6. Smile at yourself each day. At first it might be a grimace, but keep practicing!
  7. Look at all the things you DO have and be grateful for them!
  8. Get out doors. It really helps so much to lift your energy.
  9. Decide that happiness is your destination. Don’t fill in the details of how or when, just decide to be happy and then visualise being happy, doing happy things, laughing, feeling light.
  10. Write down 5 things that you would do or see differently if you were happy every day.

Of course being happy isn’t only good for weight loss! It is good for everything!! And the more you are happy, the more things come into your life to make you EVEN happier!

Set a goal today, not to reach the ‘right weight’ where life will become perfect, but to just start working towards being so happy that you just float through life with ease!


If you are struggling to be happy please do contact me. I have many ways to help you feel good more of the time.

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