A little bit of Poetry!

Rumi Painting. This looks like a Rassouli, but I found it on Google and the artist is not quoted.


Recently I have been writing more poetry. I tend to do this in bouts. So when it comes I write it down, knowing that to not do so, causes all sorts of frustration!

This recent bout has come around in part, because of my immersion in Rumi’s poetry. I have always enjoyed it, but of late I feel a deepening of my connection to his words, and, more importantly, to the meaning behind them.

Here are a couple of recent ones for you. I hope they move you in someway, or you recognise a part of yourself in them.

The first one is a recognition that emotions happen, and they are not always something we can contain or do anything about. It is called SOME DAYS.


The day dawns

Like a precious jewel

Gifted by the hand of the Divine

And all you must do

Is receive it.



The day dawns

With raindrops

Cascading as tears down your face

And all you must do

Is allow it.



The day dawns

With thunder and lightning

Crashing within and without you,

And all you must do,

Is accept it.


Some days

You realise,

That emotions just happen,

And all you must do

Is acknowledge this.

Kirsten Ivatts 2016


This second one is calledĀ LOVE ISĀ and was written as I contemplated Valentines Day.


Love is a doorway to happiness

But first you must dare

To place your hand on that door

And raise the courage

To push it open,

If only a little way,

So as not to be lost in the

Vast ocean that lies beyond.


For to be lost in love

Is a mindless joy,

Only understood,

By the heart.

Kirsten Ivatts 2016


If you are having trouble expressing how you feel, try writing it down as a poem. When you switch to poetry instead of writing or speaking, the mind often allows itself to be more creative. It can be therapeutic! Why not try it yourself?


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