7 Days of Self Love!

So today it is a week since I began the 40 days of self-love. Have you been joining in?

It has been a strangely peaceful week on the inside. I have felt, the more I have offered myself love, the more assured I have been of my progress on my current path, the more relaxed I have been that some parts are taking longer to achieve than others and the more easy going I have felt in general. Then I realised that all of these feelings occur when stress levels are very low. So a great reason to do this exercise is IT REDUCES STRESS! And that is always a good thing.

One little observation though. The people around you may react to your acts of self-love, not because they don’t want you to love yourself, but because they are just not prepared for the change that you have made in your life, and how this affects them. When they do, please do not react back, as this is not loving of yourself AT ALL! Instead breathe, centre yourself in your heart and pour forgiveness over them and you followed by a massive dose of love! Then let it go. Understand why they are reacting ad know that in time they too will adjust and most probably give themselves a little self-love too! So in loving yourself more, you are helping others to do the same without any effort or any feeling of ‘having to’.

I have made it a habit now to drink my first cup of tea in bed, usually just sitting looking out of the window, feeling the breeze, and listening to the birds. It is a very loving way for me to start my day and allows me to consider myself more in many ways. I hope you will join me in this wonderful practice!

Kirsten Ivatts




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