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Cultures around the world used story as a means of passing along information from generation to generation when the written word was not used by the majority of the populace, not trusted, or not even invented! Humanity and stories walk hand in hand through time, supporting each other, reinventing each other and bringing meaning to lives.

Each and every one of us has a story. It began in Soul when we choose the person we wanted to become in this lifetime, making that choosing based on family lineage, genetics, personality and many other options. Your Soul chose you for a reason, and that reason is simply because you are YOU! Your story goes on after your death, held in the hearts and minds of those left behind, in your deeds, your inventions, your creativity, every imprint that you left behind. It goes on in your children, and their children and so on and so forth.

 So as you can see story is important. Now you may be thinking, my story is dull, traumatic, unimportant, not worth the telling, but this is where you are wrong. Everybody’s story is unique. If your life had followed exactly the same pattern as someone else’s it would still be unique. Do you know why? Because you will always have your own perspective, your own agenda and your own emotional impact.

 Your story is your life, yes, but within your story are the clues to understanding and enlightenment, the healing you have been searching for and from these the empowerment you need to continue your journey with greater ease, far more knowledge and a sense of purpose that only comes when you know who you really are.

 The online workshop, to be run in a closed group on Facebook, is an eight week program where a group of people will come together, work together and support each other whilst learning how to plot, understand and ultimately write their story and share it with others. The outline of the workshop is as follows:

 WEEK 1: Creating a timeline, seeing patterns and recurring themes, getting the sequence right, learning how to look in more depth at events that you may have forgotten or are hazy.

 WEEK 2: The early years 0-5. Introducing basic Emotional Freedom Techniques to help with trauma or recall. Introducing basic Project Sanctuary Techniques to step deeper into memories.

 WEEK 3: Age 5 – 12 years. Using techniques learnt in the previous week to plot these informative years and write an account.

 WEEK 4 & 5: Age 13 – 20 years followed by Age 20 to present. Once more following the pattern of the previous two weeks.

 WEEK 6: Writing your story, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, seeing patterns, seeds of understanding.

 WEEK 7: Sharing Your Story with others. A very empowering week where we all get to put our story forward and support each other, helping each other to see the treasures in our story that we may have missed ourselves.

 WEEK 8: Where do we go from here?  Discussing how you can change patterns moving forwards and the pros and cons of rewriting your story. Looking at limitations and removing your ceilings. Discussion of what to do now with your story and where YOU want to go from here.

All you will need to participate in this workshop is an hour or two a week, or more if you prefer, whenever suits you, a notepad to jot down memories as they appear. A sheet of paper for your timeline and a pencil, or coloured pencils if you want to be a bit more creative! A willingness to participate in your own journey to understanding and healing.

 The workshop will begin, hopefully on Monday October 14th. When payment is received I will send you a link to the group for you to join. I am hoping for a group of at least 10 people to run the workshop so please spread the word to any friends who may benefit from this.

 The cost of the workshop is a one off fee of £40 and payment can be made on my website by clicking here:

Please feel free to repost this blog and spread the word!

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