10 Days To Love!!!


We are all so good at picking faults with ourselves, yet not so good at singing our own praises. Some of this stems from a complete lack of awareness of our good points, but mostly, well it feels wrong to say ‘Look at me, I am wonderful!’ That just stinks of egotism, doesn’t it?

Well actually no it doesn’t…well OK sometimes then. But we can immediately sense the people who are shouting from the ego, and frankly these people are only doing it because of a build up of negatives on the inside anyway.

So I decided to run a little experiment.

You see I’ve found I CAN look in the mirror and say ‘Hi beautiful, I love you!’ and mean it from my heart. It makes me smile, it makes me warm up inside and it makes me feel good about me.

What I want to know is, can I help you to feel this way too?!

So I am going to run a little experiment on Facebook and my blog, 10 Days to Love! In that 10 days I will share things you can do to make yourself feel good about you, and, hopefully, to LOVE YOU!

And because I know this will help so many, I am going to do this for FREE!

So how’s about it?

Will you join in, post your own experiences of the suggestions I make? Will you make time for you, starting from tomorrow? Will you read the posts, try what I offer and make a difference to your life? Will you share this with others who also would benefit from learning to love themselves?

Please do. <3


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