1 Free Quick and Easy Thing to Do Each Day That Will Increase The Positives in Your Life



Have you ever wondered if there was one thing you could do on a daily basis, to help yourself feel better, live better, and get through your day, which costs you nothing, and doesn’t hardly take up any of that precious time you never have enough at?

Well there is! One small thing you can do, anytime, anywhere, alone or in company that will help you and those around you and will start to bring magic and joy into your life.

Do you want to know what it is?

Just look at the image of the baby. What does it make you do? Smile?

You got it!!!!

Smiling is infectious, heart warming, joy bringing. You can make someone’s day with a smile, and that feeling will rebound back at you, upping your own energy vibration. The more you smile, the happier you get. You don’t need to be happy to smile, you need to smile to be happy!

Here are a few SMILE facts:

‘Seeing a child’s smile creates as much pleasure as 2,000 chocolate bars—or $25,000 in cash. That was the surprising finding of a British study conducted by Hewlett Packard, using an electromagnetic brain scan machine and heart-rate monitor to measure “the mood-boosting value” of various stimuli. The study also found that seeing a loved one’s smile was worth about 600 chocolate treats or 8,500 Pounds Sterling ($13,175), while a friend’s grin was valued at $225, or 200 chocolate bars. In a subsequent survey, 1,000 British adults ranked smiling as more likely to give a short-term high than sex, candy, or shopping (in that order).

Smile often—and the people around you will literally feel like a million bucks. And here are more ways it pays off to supersize your grin: Research suggests that the size of your smile may predict how successful you’ll be at love and work, how inspiring you’ll be to others, and even how long you’ll live.’

To read more visithttp://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/science-smiles


Kirsten Ivatts


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