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Finding Heaven Within Guided Meditation

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Finding Heaven Within – New powerful guided meditation, channeled by Kirsten Ivatts. Click to find out more and BUY.

Discover all you need to know about your own Magical World of I and how to navigate it in order to take control of your life and free yourself from limiting patterns and stories.

Find your hero, learn how to go on quests and adventures. Find your hidden power. Take your spiriual practice to Galactic levels!

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I love big, bold design that jumps out and grabs your attention!

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Your Story

Your Story

YOUR STORY IS THE GREATEST STORY NEVER WRITTEN. My last blog post was about My Story. But what are our stories and how do they come into being? We have so many stories going on in our lives. There is the overall story, you could call it the novel. This can be broken...

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Silence – A Winter Poem

Silence – A Winter Poem

I love silence. Not just when meditating, but when sitting alone, or lying in bed. Last night I sat at our spare bedroom window, which was wide open to a very cold and frosty night. There is a hill behind us, arable land, where deer roam on their way to woodland,...

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My books can be bought on Amazon worldwide as paperbacks or kindle. You will also find eBook versions on most major online retailers such as Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, !ndigo and Scribd. There are also ebooks available for instant download by clicking the button below.

How To Reclaim Your Energy

How to Reclaim Your Energy teaches a new method by experienced Energist, Spiritual Teacher, Oracle and Channel, Kirsten Ivatts. The method came as a download of information that Kirsten has used many times since, on herself and with others. Use it on relationships, events, concepts (such as love and money), places and many other things, with great results.Many people know about cutting cords to sever a connection that is having a negative impact. Kirsten explains why this is not a great idea, and instead offers a far better solution. Reclaiming your energy is simple, quick and provides understanding, Aha moments and compassion. It provides an awareness of all the places you leave your energy behind, and the problems this is causing. The book offers exercises to help you learn, plus ideas of where you may need to reclaim your energy from.

How To Read Oracle Cards

How to Read Oracle Cards not only offers an original guide to reading cards, but more importantly shows how to use the cards for self help, growth and enlightenment. It challenges many ideas regarding how you SHOULD read cards and offers instead a unique method based on modern Energy techniques. The book is based on the best selling course, How To Read Oracle Cards, and has added chapters, but retains all the exercises. The exercises in this book will enhance your daily life and bring your intuition to the fore, while strengthening your trust muscle! Unique Spreads are offered to help you dive deep into yourself and come out with new understanding and wisdom. There is a section on how to use your gift to help others and to make money. The book is clear and concise and will offer both beginners and more advanced card readers a wealth of information

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